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The Profile Analysis Report™ and Company Metrics

Company information is presented on a Profile Analysis Report™ ("PAR"). Business data or "Metrics" provided on the report can be a phone number, a website address, the number of employees, or any number of statistics. Members familiar with a company can submit Metrics. Other members validate the quality of the data by voting on the Metrics. For more detailed info on Metrics, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Your reputation within the EqualMetrics community is tracked by MetricPoints™. These points are earned by submitting and voting on Metrics. If information is provided that is deemed inaccurate by the community, MetricPoints™ are deducted. The benefit of accumulating MetricPoints™, aside from developing a good reputation in the community, is to use them to save profiles of MetricPoints image companies that you are interested in monitoring. When you have earned 20 MetricPoints™ you can save a Profile Analysis Report™ to My Reports. More info...


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There are three types of membership: Basic, Vendor, and Company. Basic Membership allows you to submit and vote on Metrics. Vendor Membership is everything included in Basic, plus the ability to submit a Business Credit Survey for the companies you do business with. If you are a business owner or an authorized representative of a business, Company Membership can allow you to take ownership of your company's Profile Analysis Report™. You can provide additional information if you would like...for example, a list of key management personnel or selected financial highlights. Many Company Members choose to purchase an Enhanced Profile for their business. You can upload a company logo, provide detailed product descriptions, hyperlink back to your website and much more. Learn how we can maximize your web presence.

Business Credit Survey

This survey provides an insight into how a business interacts with and pays its vendors and suppliers. It's a useful summary of the answers to the eight important questions that any business owner or credit manager wants to know about a company they do business with or are planning to do business with:

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  • Have payments been returned as a result of non-sufficient funds (NSF)?
  • Have you ever placed the company on credit hold?
  • Have unpaid amounts been sent to an outside collection agency?
  • Have you written off, as bad debt, amounts owed to you?
  • Do you get paid timely without making a phone call or sending an email as a reminder?
  • Are promises to pay kept? If "the check is in the mail", does it arrive as promised?
  • Do you receive payments within agreed upon terms?
  • Are you comfortable selling to this company on net 30 day terms?

If you are registered at the Vendor or Company level we encourage you to fill out this survey for each of your customers or, at a minimum, what you consider the top 10 and bottom 10 customers in your accounts receivable base. Survey results are compiled and totals are color coded and presented in the view port on the Profile Analysis Report™. If you fill out the survey (it takes just seconds if you are familiar with the customer's payment behavior) you will be rewarded with enough MetricPoints™ to attach the company to your My Reports panel for ongoing monitoring. Visit our Frequently Asked Quesions page for more info.

Company Blogs

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Each company's Profile Analysis Report™ has links to five blog topics for you to leave comments that are helpful to other members and users of EqualMetrics. The five categories are:

  • Company History
  • Legal Events
  • Officers and Employees
  • Products and Services
  • Miscellaneous Company Information

More advanced features are available to registered users. In addition, you must be registered to submit Metrics, Business Credit Surveys, and Blog comments. Registration is quick and free, so join and start collaborating with the EqualMetrics community today. Click here to Join!

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