About Us

EqualMetrics, Inc. is headquartered in Hudson, Ohio. Born out of a frustration with traditional business credit reports that are too costly and often outdated, the Company started developing its user interface and tools in 2006. Launched in late 2010, the Company leverages advanced technologies to automate most processes - keeping overhead costs to a minimum. This focus on efficiency allows EqualMetrics to offer most services at no cost to its membership base.

Our mission is to become the primary destination on the Internet for accurate, timely and relevant business information and payment metrics.

The free web-based tools of EqualMetrics enable a community of business owners, vendors, and customers to report on payment patterns, related parties, alias names, ownership structure and other "metrics" associated with a profiled business. The website targets the small to medium-sized business market which historically overlooks commercial credit checks due to high cost and lack of relevant information.

Please contact us with any questions or comments.